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Alyona Polyak

CPO at, ex-Product Lead at Qlean
Business strategy development and implementation & team management with focus on process building and employee growth

I am an expert in product management and have extensive experience in building teams. For 10 years in the IT industry I help companies turn ideas into products

Work together

I can help entrepreneurs, C-level managers, and their teams overcome such challenges as:

Business strategy development and deployment
  • Analysis of current problems in business and search for weaknesses
  • Strategy creation with detailed market research and the company’s KPIs analysis
  • Strategy transformation into a working plan
  • Product ideas validation and search for a product market fit
Process improvement for teams and development of employee growth system
  • Audit of current working processes
  • Process setup and implementation control
  • Improvement of discovery-delivery processes and communication among team members.
  • Development of employee growth system.

My work experience


Moscow city governmental portal
Chief Product Officer
Product & Strategy
Shaped the platform’s strategy. UN LOSI 2022 ranked it in the top-5 among local e-government platforms globally
  • Launched ten new value-adding public services, including the Declutter that helped to eliminate over 600k tons of scrap metal in 2022
  • Launched Moscow Voice Assistant and tripled voice usage in 2022. Raised about one mln USD for charity via the Charity Fundraising service
  • Doubled service’ MAU in 2022. Worked on the mobile app. Doubled its MAU from 500k to 1 mln. Redesigned personal areas and profiles with 10-20% growth in key metrics
Team & Process
Built a team guided by product development, self-organization, and meritocracy principles
  • Managed 13 cross-functional product teams of ~200 employees, including product managers, designers, CX researchers, product and business analysts, project managers, developers, QAs, and devops
  • Implemented cross-functional agile product teams with discovery-delivery processes


Online home services marketplace intended to offer professional cleaning services
Product Lead
Product & Strategy
Developed vertical integration product strategy through research, customer development, and hypothesis testing
  • Increased first order CR by ~30% and AOV of first orders by ~10% via the landing page redesign
  • Increased profit margin of windows cleaning products by ~150%
  • Optimized CAC-LTV equation by reducing acquisition costs by ~55% with minimal loss of new orders
  • Developed and managed Qlean low-coster (was responsible for operations, P&L, marketing, product development, and strategy)

Double Data

Leader on the market of Big Data solutions for financial companies in Russia
Project manager
Product & Strategy
  • Launched and developed a new Martech product that brought 20% in additional revenue
  • Reduced time-to-market by ~20% of the product through process automatization
  • Helped to establish a strategic relationship with one of the world’s largest media agencies
  • Attracted ~10 new clients and managed 3 of their projects


One of the «Big Three» management consultancies
Business Analyst Intern
Product & Strategy
  • Developed revenue and cost-side initiatives with > 500 mln ₽ potential within a year as part of the complex transformational program for a major telCo in Russia
  • Designed the optimal shelf space identification tool for > 100 categories in over 200 stores. Visualized its results in Tableau for one of the largest retailers in Ukraine
  • Built a headcount model for security and cleaning services departments resulting in > 100 mln UAH cost reduction for one of the largest retailers in Ukraine
  • Developed business processes to maintain reasonable inventory levels. Implemented them by introducing a supply chain management system (SAP ASCP) in a telCo

Social proofs

We asked Alena to help us to determine the best way to meet the need of parents of children with disabilities to be aware of legal issues.

By that time, we had already conducted several dozen JTBD interviews, but there were too many ideas for solving this problem. As a result, Alena very quickly helped to structure the problems of our users and asked the right questions, thanks to which we were able to focus. I am very glad to meet Alena, I admire the speed and systematic thinking and I hope for cooperation in the future!

Thanks to your help there was definitely a big shift in the company’s goal setting, I’m talking about OKR. It is very useful for us (team) to see the product goals and try to achieve them, and don’t work somehow by ourselves. 

Your participation in the transformation of career and salary transparency in the company is significant. This is how it should be. An employee must know what to do to grow in grade. He understands what knowledge he lacks.

Profession and industry contribution

I regularly share my expertise with media resources, such as e-magazines and podcasts:

«Career 2.0». Episode 19
Why do young people go to work in the public sector?
Harvard Business Review Russia
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You can meet me as a speaker at such events as Agile Days, Russian Internet Forum, and CIPR Conference.

Deep mind leadership day
The New Leadership - Leadership Out of Love
Russian Internet Week 2021
Product approach in the public sector: is it possible to create services from residents and for residents
Exhibition «Smart City» at VDNKh
How to avoid mistakes when looking for a job and achieve success in your career?
Agile Days 2021
How to believe the tears of Moscow city residents
The Conference CIPR
Accessible technologies and technologies for accessibility
Position Oneum
5 two-hour workshops on different product tools from research to economics
Sbergile Talks Pro 2022
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Moscow State Institute of International Relations — BA of IT in Business

Moscow State Institute of International Relations — MA of Financial Markets

International College of Economics and Finance (HSE in cooperation with LSE) — MA of Financial Economics